Plenary Session 1

Speaker: Dr Fehmi Cirak (University of Cambridge)

Date & Time12th April 2017, 9:30 am

Title of the plenary lecture: Integrating geometric design, analysis and optimisation

Advances in manufacturing technologies, most prominently in additive manufacturing or 3d printing, make it possible to fabricate optimised high-performance products with ever increasing functional and geometric complexity. It is becoming evident that the currently employed industrial Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) systems intended for conventional manufacturing processes and simple product geometries are ill-equipped to meet the arising challenges. To address these, we have been developing over the last few years novel robust and scalable computational techniques for integrated geometric design, simulation and optimisation. In our newly developed approach part geometries are represented with multiresolution subdivision surfaces, which are prevalent in computer animation and are now available in most Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. In contrast to conventional CAD representations, subdivision surfaces can represent shapes using watertight control meshes eliminating a range of downstream incompatibility issues, including in slicing for 3d printing and geometry interrogation. For mechanical simulation immersed/embedded finite element analysis (FEA) techniques are used due to their advantages for problems defined on geometrically complex, possibly evolving domains. Such methods require only a non-boundary-fitted hexahedral grid and boundary conditions are enforced with auxiliary techniques; mesh generation and updating are thus avoided. As will be demonstrated the proposed workflow and techniques are particularly well suited for iterative shape and topology optimisation, which require a versatile geometry description that is seamlessly integrated with simulation.